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Welcome to TimeSink!

More than an idea, this was a feeling that arrived during my time living around NYC. Oftentimes I'd roam the streets late at night after seeing a film at Anthology Film Archives on 2nd Ave & 2nd St. With nowhere to go to meet some cool people and talk about what I had just seen, I had no choice but to wait out those desolate moments with the city asleep. Waiting in a zen-like meditation until the next empty train (1am/ 2am at times) that would take me on the long ride back south to Sheepshead Bay. How much time was spent alone on those empty tracks (besides a few drunkards and the occasional lunatic)? Days. Perhaps weeks.

Looking back on these solitary experiences, I can clearly trace the journey of my thoughts that led me towards TimeSink. Why do we have to be ushered out of the cinema once the film ends? Where to go just to grab a coffee and continue a discussion. Who knows? Maybe even meet collaborators on your next project.

The energy from the audience dissipates into the streets with no place else to collect that energy and make sure it continues to flow. It was the time I spent alone on those grimy subway tracks, looking down at the garbage and the rats, that I began dreaming of a home and a platform where great cinema could flourish - not bound by the mainstream definitions of a box office success or a celebrity-filled cast. Because at this point in time, who gives a shit? The great cinema will always remain but the opportunities to make it are becoming rarer. At TimeSink, above all else, we value great films, great imaginations, great characters, and great stories.

When the projector light comes on, and the first images appear, we are transported into another world for a brief moment in time. Part of the beauty is that we can share this time spent in another reality with others. And we can repeat these same blocks of time over and over again, and yet come away from each with a different experience.

So this is TimeSink and it has finally come to life in a world that desperately needs more stories and more imagination.

What to Expect

There are already a few films featured in the cinema as part of TimeSink's Volume 1 release. You can expect to see more films as time goes on.

Everyone is encouraged to join and contribute to TimeSink by becoming a member. It's easy to do, just sign up through join the sink link. Once becoming a member you'll have the opportunity to engage with others by writing and posting film reviews, writing comments, earning reputation via upvotes from other members, and you'll also have access to film submissions.

Anticipate (as with most things upon its inception) that there will be some growing pains and some bugs that still need to be worked out. With this, I thank you for your patience and understanding. Nevertheless, what matters most right now is that the foundation has been built and the future is bright.


À bientôt,

Aaron Zomback

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Aaron Zomback 3 months ago

Feel free to leave your comments below...

Livia777 2 months ago

Beautifully written ! Can’t wait to be part of the creative sink !