• What is TimeSink?

    Conceived in Sheepshead Bay, NY and made in Lyon, France. We are an independent cinema platform dedicated to curating, educating, reviewing, and presenting great films made by current filmmakers.

    As a catalyst, we help audiences discover exceptional films made by some of the freshest talent in cinema today. In return we help creators connect with audiences around the world and develop their careers.

    In short, we promote the art, the wonder, and the joy of cinema and make it accessible for everyone.

  • Our Mission

    We want to grow audiences, inspire the current and future generations of filmmakers, and create new traditions.

    From live stream shows to pop-up cinema events, our vision is to build a platform that promotes the art form while also cultivating the elements that make great cinema: creators and audience members.

    We aim to support filmmakers by promoting and presenting their work to our engaged viewership, while also reinvesting a portion of our profits and resources for them.

  • Review guidelines

    "The artist only performs one part of the creative process. It's the onlooker who completes, and it is the onlooker who has the last word." Marchel Duchamp

    We believe the viewer ultimately makes the work, and focusing the art of critique and debate into the public space is one of our goals.

    We also believe that the best way to create a valuable platform is to promote honesty above everything.

    We want your candid thoughts, but we expect them to be expressed through great taste and style.

    Any reviews that become personal attacks or deemed 'poor taste' by our editors will be removed.

  • Film submissions

    The driving force of cinema is fundamentally human. We take pride in a hand-picked selection process, rather than one generated by computer algorithms.

    We accept digital film submissions from around the globe for a fee of $25 each.

    Each submission comes with our guaranteed proof-of-viewership, followed by a written response. Filmmakers can also track the status of their submission throughout the process.

    We don't distinguish between genres, duration, or release year. Just great storytelling and impression.

    As Nietzsche once wrote, "That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger," so please don't be discouraged if your film is not selected - keep trying!

  • Top Picks

    To reward a culture of excellent quality, TimeSink members can upvote films, as well as other members' film reviews and comments beneath each review and blog article.

    Films are ranked in descending order with the most upvotes appearing at the top. In the near future, we plan on rolling out prizes for members who achieve a certain amount of upvotes on their activity (reviews and comments).

  • Contact

    For all inquiries email us at hello@timesinkpresents.com